Solution Coverage

  • OPD Management : OPD, Accident On Duty
  • Medical Examination : Pre-Employment, Periodic, Annual, Monthly, Half-Yearly Examination
  • Role Based Examination : Driver , Food Handler, Vision, Hygiene
  • Patient Record : Case History, Chronic Illness, Family History, Habits
  • Inventory Management : Medical & Non-Medical Equipments Inventory Tracking, Requistion, Procurement, Expiry
  • Hygiene & Sampling : WorkArea, Workforce Hygiene Sampling, trends and tracking
  • Bio-Waste Management : Bio-Medical Waste tracking, disposal
  • OHC Planner : OHC Staff calendar, appointments
  • Training : Plan,Assign, Track, Report Trainings
  • Secure : 2-Factor Authentication, User Access Control
  • Health Score : Case History, Health Index, Ranking, Trends
  • Complaince Reporting : Statutory and Audit Reports
  • Enterprise Integration : Integration with HRMS and other enterprise softwares
  • Ambulance Management : Track Ambulance Utilization
  • Corporate Wellness: Health, Mental Wellness Surveys, Reports, Trends, Wellness Coaching & Monitoring
OHCTECH at MPBirla Cement

ISO 45001:2018

We are ISO 45001: 2018 Certified

50+ Implementations

More than 50 Organisations are relying on us for Management of their OHCs

Guided By Occupational Experts

Our team is made up of both Technology Experts as well as Occupational Health Experts, thus offer best of both worlds to our customers

Machine Intelligence

It's an intelligent Healthcare Management. Auto Highlighting of Health Risk, Advices, Abnormalities

End To End Solution

We cover just everything for Occupational Health & Safety

Cost Effective

No limit on users or employees. We are most cost effective.

Equipment & Enterprise Integration

We are capable of providing seemless Integration with Medical Equipments and Enterprise Applications

Cloud Based/On-Premise

Web-Based. Centeralized Instance can serveral Plant in Parellel

Advanced Reporting

Detailed Analysis and Reporting.


We won't force you to use what we developed but flexible to accomodate customizations to your industry and organisation

What Occupational Health Services We Offer to our Customers

We offer expert solution

OHC Software

Occupational Health Software

We help manage your Occupational Health Center, plan OHC appointments, patient records, medicines, equipments, staff everything.

Occupational Health Center Setup

Occupational Health Center

We help you with end to end Occupational Health Center setup and its day to day operations e.g. Setup, Staffing, Supplies, Medical Examinations

Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information System

Lab Tests, Lab Reports, Integration with Equipments

Ambulance Management System

If you provide Ambulance Services. We can help you track its usage and maintenance

Lt Col (Dr) Shashikala is a renowned healthcare professional with 21+ years in managing health care operations, training, developing people, including 14+ years at Indian Army as Commissioned officer.

Lt Col(Dr) Shashikala D Honnahalli

Healthcare Consultant

Dr. Rudra a seasoned Occupational Health Consultant. He is a passionate Occupational Health Physician and drives a mission to educate and enhance Occupational Health Services in India.

Dr. Rudraswamy HK

Occupational Health Consultant

Ms Vibha, a seasoned technocrate and visionary Business Women, with years of experience into software development, apart from offering custom software development solutions through Techsyneric Technologies she has been leading OHCTECH for years.

Ms. Vibha Dubey

CEO, Techsyneric Technologies

Dnyaneshwar Bade, Managing Director founder of Madyoasis Medical Services Pvt Ltd. Madyoasis is leading Health care provider with innovative and skillful solution by professional expert.

Mr. Dnyaneshwar Bade

Managing Director, Madyoasis

OHCTECH at MPBirla Cement



OHCTECH at Tata Metaliks

Tata Metaliks

West Bengal, India

OHCTECH at Fiat Motors

Fiat Motors

Pune, India



Bellary, India


GHCL Dalmia Group

Gujrat, India


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